About Visage Cosmetics



 Visage provides the latest treatments and products to enhance your natural beauty  when you desire to improve your appearance using non surgical methods. Your consultation is carried out in a relaxed and empathetic manner by Sheree Blank, a fully qualified Registered nurse with over 15 years experience, she is also a nurse independent prescriber. A prescription is issued for every patient, ensuring safe, genuine products are used at all times. All clients have an initial one to one consultation with Sheree,  who will help you to ascertain the individually tailored treatment that you require. Visage is dedicated to providing all treatments gently, and professionally in a relaxed and friendly environment. You are safe in the knowledge that Sheree is a well qualified and experienced aesthetic practitioner who strictly adheres to the very latest Government guidelines.


Our primary clinic is based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. All treatments are undertaken in a clean, safe and comfortable environment. All appointments are discreet and individual. Further clinics are held throughout Derbyshire, Manchester, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire. Home visits are also available.


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  1. Hi, I’m interested in the lip filler and I’m just wanting some more information if possible please, kind regards


  2. Hello I’m enquiring about lip fillers just after some info about it all please. Abbie morris recommended you!! Speak soon thankyou!! X


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