Dermal Fillers



Hyaluronic acid is a natural, major component of the skin, it helps to hydrate, lubricate and make the face well rounded and smooth. As we age the levels of hyaluronic acid reduces causing wrinkles, loss of volume and roundness to the face. 


We use a wide range of dermal fillers to treat these indications which are a hyaluronic based gel  and are injected under the wrinkle to  lift from the inside and smooth accordingly. It also hydrates the skin. 


There are several different formulas to treat various indications, the most commen areas treated are nose to mouth lines, smile lines and lifts and facial contouring. An in- depth consultation will be required and undertaken to ascertain the best treatment and product to be used. This will be carried out by your practitioner prior to every treatment. The results are immediate, natural and are cumulative if maintained regularly.

Before and After Dermal fillers.


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