Lip Enhancement

Before and after shots of one of our clients


What is lip enhancement?  Lip enhancement involves anaesthetising the lips and injecting them with a dermal filler designed to create a more desirable pout.


Full, plump lips are often associated with youth and beauty. Lip enhancement treatment is chosen by men and women of all ages who either have naturally thin lips or whose lips have become thinner with age and lost their definition.
Here at Visage, Sheree will assess the amount of volume that you require. Usually one ml of filler is sufficient to obtain the perfect pout, but those with very fine lips or smokers lines may require more. For details of this please see our price list.

Lip enhancement benefits – The natural ageing process causes your lips to get thinner and lose definition. This problem is particularly pronounced around the V-shaped area of the upper lip known as Cupids Bow. Attempts to disguise the problem through makeup are often unsatisfactory as lipstick tends to bleed down vertical wrinkles. Lip enhancement addresses this problem to obtain a natural smooth appearance.


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